It happened again. Last night, I went through the drive-thru, ordered, got my food, and as I drove off, grabbed a burger and bit into it. Onions? Yeah, I don't do onions. At least my favorite burger is still in the bag. Or is it? Who's order is this? Why is it cold? Do I make a U-turn and head back? You bet I do.

I know most of you might be de-sensitized to getting the wrong order and just dealing with it, but when did this happen? My order is always simple. Not some weird concoction like a little lettuce, pickles on the left side of the bun, no mayonaise, no tomatoes, heated to 88 degrees, I just have what's been on the menu since the franchise opened.

I got to give myself some credit for keeping cool during the stupidity. The kid in the back had to ask his manager, "Um, does this have ketchup and mustard?" Are you kidding me? Welcome to Earth, kid. I know you only make so much an hour, but I think preparing simple hamburgers barely uses any brain power. Trust me. I used to do it.