Every year there are "it" colors for fashion.  This year happens to be my favorite color paired with my least favorite color.  I guess I can be half trendy!

For Winter, since sadly it is still here....the "it" color is LIGHT PINK!  Yay!!  My favorite!!  The light pink color has been seen in pea coats, suit jackets, pant suits, you name it.  Light pink is in!!  Now that is a color I can be board with 100%!  I have seen the light pink pea coats in stores, so pretty!  I may have to donate my dark pink one in favor for it!

Now for Spring, bright colors are always a win...this year, when they say bright, they mean it!  The "it" color for Spring is LIME GREEN!  I have seen this color in stores lately and wondered why....well, this is why!  I can't promise I'll jump on board with this trend, I'm not a fan of green.  Hey, if that's what you like though, than I say go for it!