For the past 13 months or so, I have not been the only New York Yankees Fan on the  staff.   A guy who we call BJ has worked with us here at FUN 107.   

You've heard him with Scott and Melissa on the Fun Night Show, and he has also been the editor of f\   But most important to me, after years of being the only Yankees guy on the staff, I had someone who could share all the teasing, ribbing and insults.

But today is BJ's very last day here at FUN 107.  He and his wife are packing up and moving back to his home town of Albany, New York.   I am hoping it is nothing to do with his lost bet to Scott Reiniche about who would win the AL East this year.   For that, BJ spent one entire day last week wearing a Red Sox jersey.

Hopefully it has nothing to do either with the fact that our beloved Yankees didn't make the playoffs this year.  And now, with the prospect of the Red Sox winning it all this year, not a good time to leave this Yankees fan alone to have to face all the potential boasting.  Oh well.

Good luck to BJ Ragone.  Best of luck to you and your wife in Albany.