It’s hard to make it to the beach when you’re working 9-5 during the summer months.  That doesn't mean you can’t look like a beach babe.  Fool everyone into thinking that work is just something you do in between going to the beach and going to the beach with these savvy summer tricks.

  • 1

    Salt Hair, Don’t Care

    Want the perfect beach tresses?  Find any one of the many DIY potions for sprayable salt water and watch your hair go from plain Jane to beach babe in no time.  Or you could do what I do and just bottle up that ocean water next time you do find time to hit the shore.

  • 2

    Golden Goddess

    Tanning- we love the look but hate the dangers. What is a girl to do to find a happy, bronze medium?  Every drugstore has a section dedicated to the fake tan, whether its spray-on, foam or plain ol’ lotion.  Your perfect shade of sun-kissed can be achieved in time for the weekend!  As an added bonus- you won’t have  the sunglass tan lines or bright red, sun-burnt nose. Read more on self tanners here.

  • 3

    Day Glow

    The key to looking extra vacation-cool is your face.  If the rest of you says ‘Island Girl’ you don’t want your face to look like it belongs in the Addicted to Love video.  Use warm tones like browns and coppers to mimic a real tan and add some highlighter to your cheekbones.  Voila! Island beauty.

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    Tips and Toes

    Don’t forget to add that pop of color to your I-Just-Got-Back-From-Vacation look.  Choose a color that enhances your golden glow. Adding bright colors like melons, yellows and even turquoise can really turn up the heat on your hands.  What a fun thing to look at while you type away at your desk for 40 hours, huh?