This is the story of a town, that lost a street. Yep, it actually happened. Fairhaven forgot about North Street, which runs between Adams and Cherry streets,and looks like any other in Fairhaven.  


Christmas lights and lawn reindeer have just begun go up for a few of the passing cars on the street. It has all of the towns great benefits. Nicely paved, receives postal and trash pickup services,and get cleared of snow in winter..only problem is North Street technically isn't a public street or even on record.

One day a few years back, Fairhaven wanted to repave the street, but to get state help they had to prove that the street is town-owned and look it up in a 4½-inch thick book of deeds in the Town Clerk's Office. Just a standard re-check..But low and behold, North Street was nowhere to be found.

It had never been formally accepted by the town and was therefore not a public road. Fairhaven's forgotten street! Now the town needs to officially accept North Street and will be discussed at a special Town Meeting, to be held tonight! How North Street was overlooked  in the first place is a mystery that has town officials flabbergasted.

North Street is one of the oldest streets in town. Settlers cut down trees and created the easiest way to get from Point A to Point B. If you consult the history books, in the late 1700s, Fairhaven comprised two villages within the town of Dartmouth: Fairhaven Village in the south, and Oxford Village in the north. A river leading to a pond in what is now Cushman Park separated the two villages. To get from one to the other, residents had to walk up Adams Street, and then cross North Street.

The street is of major historical importance being home to the Old Stone School House, how could North St go unrecognized for so long. The mystery of North St. shall end tonight hopefully as the town that forgot about it, accepts it officially after 200 years!