According to WBSM, two out-of-town teenagers set off fire extinguishers inside Fairhaven High School during a Pop Warner football tournament Sunday, forcing officials to cancel classes Monday, according to police.

The teenagers, who were later arrested by the concession stand, snuck into the building around 3:45 p.m., according to Fairhaven Police Sgt. Kevin Kobza. The building is typically left open during games, police said.

The teens set off extinguishers on the second and third floors, which were not open to the public, Kobza said in a release. The extinguishers triggered the smoke detectors, alerting the Fire Department.

One of the teenagers lives in Fall River and the other in Freetown, he said. He did not release further information about the suspects due to their ages.

Fairhaven High School was closed today because the powder from the extinguishers is an irritant and must be professionally cleaned, police said. Parents were informed of the decision through a robocall Sunday night.