The Wendy's in Fairhaven have remodeled and are awaiting to impress their guest!

General Manger Josh Santos has taken it upon himself and his crew to redo the dining room entirely to a classy and clean look.

Located at 7 Fairhaven Commons in the heart of Fairhaven is where you can find the newly renovated restaurant, complete with a fully handsfree state of the art bathroom and a freshly groomed landscape to compliment the building.

"We're excited for the new change, stop on by and see it for yourself!" -General Manager, Josh Santos

The Fairhaven Wendy's location is open every day from 10 AM - 2 AM, the dining room closes at 10 PM.

While you're there, take a dare and try their new Ghost Pepper Fries! They're a little bit spicy so be cautious! They're definitely not for the faint of heart.