Have you noticed your friends warnings of the Facebook Messenger App on Facebook yet? Over the last few days, I've had friends asking to either delete them if their friends have the app, or telling people to beware of the app itself.

What's the hype all about and why are people wigging out over the new phone application? Here's the skinny. First, if you currently direct message someone on Facebook via your mobile device, you may have noticed an invitation to download the messenger app. The messenger app would allow you to message back  and forth with that contact like a text message thread or old school AIM. You'll HAVE to have the app in order to message people via the Android and iPhone devices.

According to an article published a few months ago on The Huffington Post, the app install would allow Facebook access too much information and private info from your mobile device. Since then, Facebook has retorted that many of the rumors/accusations are"overblown and outdated".

The app is currently #1 in downloads but has a horrible rating from users. Read more about the APP here.