Attention: It is absolutely true! Rumors for years have said that social media is very costly for a relationship. Yes, apparently the fate of your relationship is not in the tarot cards but in your social circle.

According to The New York Post, Cornell University researcher Jon Kleinberg and Facebook senior engineer Lars Backstrom proved as much when they presented their co-written research paperat a social computing conference in February.

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The researchers took the datasets of 1.3 million Facebook users listed as being in a relationship, and found that the more well connected their mutual friends were, the more likely they were to break up. The new theory is called dispersion. Couples with high dispersion have mutual friends who are not well connected.Couples with low dispersion have mutual friends who are well connected. Therefore the Facebook theory suggests that if you and your partner share the same social circle on Facebook you’re less likely to have your own lives and therefore the relationship is more likely to implode. A healthy relationship, according to Facebook, is one where both partners have connections to a lot of different groups of people, even if those friendships aren’t particularly strong. Take note ladies and gentleman.