Are you an ESPN subscriber through a cable company or satellite provider? Don't wait to access live video content online for the 2014 World Cup through ESPNFC!

Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Dish Network are the three providers which will broadcast live video for all games of the World Cup through ESPNFC online. Authentication codes will be requested to view the online content from subscribers.

CNet states "all matches will be available online in Portuguese via ESPN Deportes as well, including some that won't get broadcast airplay." However, there is more. The newly designed app and website can be viewed on a "desktop, smartphone and tablet device." Both have "a slew of "editions" that let you choose the language and the country that you're most interested in and will be curated for locally relevant content" according to CNet.

The app will also let you set your favorite team then upload all the stories and highlights since your last login. Now that is what you call instantaneous retrieval of information. Let the enjoyment of the games begin however you chose to view them!