I'm not sure weather to think this guy is awesome or insane.A Wisconsin daredevil freed himself from shackles and a locked casket while plummeting to the earth at 130 miles per hour, and eventually parachuting and landing gently into a large field in Illinois.


According to The Associated Press, Anthony Martin, 47,  smiled and waved to the cameras and a crowd that showed up to watch his crazy stunt after he landed at a farm 70 miles southwest of Chicago. He's even done the same stunt before in August 1988 on just his 17th skydive. He decided he wanted to learn to skydive specifically so he could escape from a casket in freefall. That is just weird. Odd hobby? He has chronicled his more than four-decade career as an escape artist in a book released this month, "Escape or Die." which could be a very interesting read. Check out the guys website!