You've heard of Starbucks Coffee, but what about Dumb Starbucks Coffee?

Yes, that's right...Dumb Starbucks Coffee is a legit, new coffee shop in California, that people waited in line for hours to check out!  This certainly sounds like it could have big potential for a lawsuit, right?'s why.  The owners of the shop are protected by the "parody law", the same law that made it ok for Weird Al Yankovic to make a parody song out of Michael Jackson's hit 'Beat It', into 'Eat It'.

It seems at first that Dumb Starbucks Coffee is making fun of the well known Starbucks Coffee...but they say nope!  The owners say they actually look up to Starbucks as 'role models' and that they love Starbucks!

Now, onto the part that I thought didn't really make much sense.  The coffee is not for's FREE.  How the heck is Dumb Starbucks even making any money?

Another question, is this bad press for the REAL Starbucks?  I don't know.  It seems odd, and it's hard to believe that it's legal, but I think that any publicity is good publicity, so I am kind of leaning on the side of this being a good thing for the real Starbucks...we'll have to see what happens!