A hard drinking gang of drunk moose are terrorizing the nation of Sweden. Yes, you read that right, it appears that these moose are not to be messed with. A number of different incident have been reported lately that have citizens of this Scandinavian country on edge.

A resident of Ingaro, an island in the suburbs of Stockholm, found himself unable to enter his home due to five inebriated moose's blocking the door. I wonder if these are the cousins of those crazy ones in Maine?

According to the Huffington Post, officials said the antlered beasts became intoxicated after eating rotten apples from a local's garden, and this isn't the first time its happened, which has local law enforcement collecting the apples when they start falling from the trees in autumn.

In another bizarre incident, one moose got himself tangled up in a swing set. The animal eventually managed to get himself free, but not before moving the swing about 820 feet from the rest of the playground. Moose aren't the only ones getting crunked. The Germans are dealing with an owl found staggering around, eyelids drooping, after drinking two bottles of Schnapps. On the other hand, at least they aren't like those crazy drunk wasps which descended on Britain this year in record numbers.

Remember friends, It's fall which means drunken moose and other creatures are out there, so be careful and please don't let them drive. It could be a disaster. When are the police going to set up road blocks for this stuff.