For all the dads out there who want to insure they’ll forever hold the key to their little girls heart, Fun 107 has an offer for you to make sure that happens. If you dress up like the beloved Taylor Swift (hair and makeup included!) and wear your look to work you give your daughter a chance to win two tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert July 26 at Gillette Stadium, and passes for a private meet and greet.

So what do you have to do, dads? Dress up like T-Swift!

Dads across the Southcoast will be encouraged to go to work on Friday, July 19th dressed as Taylor Swift. Co-workers (and daughters) can upload a photo of their Swifty look-a-like and send it to us.

The Fun 107 Street Team will surprise one lucky dad with the tickets and meet & greet passes at their place of work!


To help you out, we've created a “Dress like Taylor “list below.

  1. Learn to love the sundress – Seriously. Taylor Swift wears these things everywhere; award shows, out on the town and during performances. If it has flowers, paisley print, stripes, cute fruit shapes, or just a feminine design, you’d be well on your way to perfecting the Taylor-look.
  2. Vintage-inspired attire – Your grandma probably has some of this that you could steal from her closet. Mary Jane’s, cardigans or petticoats are spot on so prepare to do some closet diving or thrift shopping.
  3. Nautical (let’s call it as it is, Preppy) New England – Now that she’s bought a house in Westerly, it only seems fitting that Taylor dons the blues, reds and whites that define traditional nautical clothing. If it has stripes or little sailboats or anchors on it, grab it.
  4. Be free like a bird, but a bird with tons of feathers – I can’t imagine there is anything more girly that a dress covered in feathers. And let us be the ones to tell you, Taylor loves the feathered gown. We’re not sure where you can readily get a feather-clad dress, but go to the craft store, buy a bag of feathers and glue them on something your wife or daughter doesn’t care about being ruined with glue. You’ll look just like the starlet.
  5. Shock your office – And in true Taylor fashion, leave the people around you speechless. Lately, Taylor’s been stepping out on the red carpet in some pretty head-turning dresses. If it’s sparkly, tight, leather or bright red, you can look just like Taylor.

The good dads of Kentucky will show you how it's done:

We have given you the tools, dads. So get started on becoming Taylor; your daughters will thank you!

Thanks to everyone who submitted! We will be selecting a winner shortly!

*Photos will be taken up until 12pm on July 19