Recently, I switched my carrier and smartphone, and maybe that wasn't too smart because the hassle I went through was crazy.

Things seemed to be okay, then all of a sudden once iOS 7 came out, and people that I knew performed the update, they couldn't get a hold of me, because their phones thought I still had an iPhone and tried to connect through iMessage.

This "texting" issue was so impossible to deal with, that tech support from my carrier, Apple itself, and anyone else who tried their hand at trying to solve this mystery failed miserably. I finally had to just face facts, and got a new phone number to end the chaos.

So, if you are thinking about making the switch, just change your number. Don't bring it with you for two reasons. You may go through the same "texting" issue like I did, and it's a great opportunity to drop certain people in your contacts that you don't want to talk to anymore.