The title is a bit misleading. The idea is to not overeat. Meaning, when you're hungry, eat until you feel about 80% full.The Japanese call it hari hachi bu.

It's no secret that this country struggles with over eating. Most of us (present company included) have an awful relationship with food. We eat even when are pants are ready to pop. Me, I'm an insulin spike chaser. Sugar has always been my drug of choice.  The best way for me to lose weight, is to stay off of refined sugars all together or I'll spend my day chasing that 'high'.

It's difficult to break any habit, good or bad, but here is a list of suggestions I found in an article from Boutique Fitness. If you're someone who lives to eat and you want to learn how to eat to live, check out our expert page with a great weight loss program that I myself have been doing since April.