My flat screen HD TV  is now a few years old.   It works fine, but as I was watching the Patriots on Sunday I realized that the 37-inch screen is starting to look small.   When we bought it back in 2007, the price was nearly 900 U.S. dollars.   I know you can now get a much larger screen for much less.  But as long as the set still works fine, I can't see replacing it.  I want to get every penny's-worth of  that $900 out of it.

While watching the game, I did see the commercial for that new 90-inch Sharp Aquos LED Smart TV.   My goodness.   It's nearly 7 feet wide, over 4 feet high, and 5 inches thick.   It comes with 3-D glasses and some very nice software for Netflix, Hulu, etc.    How much for this modern marvel?   Try $11,000.   Gotta think that one over.

How many thousands of hours of baseball, football, Nascar and Pawn Stars would I have to watch to get my money's worth?   More like how many year's?    Something to ponder while I watch my 37-inch LG and wait for the next BIG thing to come along.