Jay Z's new song called "100$ BILL" off "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack seems to include some lyrics based upon the infamous stunt that Kanye West pulled on Taylor Swift years ago..Could this be a sign of the situation being plotted?!..

In the "100$ BILL" song by Jay Z he uses lyrics such as "Took that Taylor Swift to a hundred dollar million b--" he's obviously referring to the fact that after Kanye West jumped on stage to interrupt Taylor Swift it seems as if her "fame" took off and this isn't the first time that Jay Z referred to the incident.

Back in 2010 in the remix to West's "Power" he rapped "In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift".

Here is the NSFW work full song from the 'Great Gatsby' Soundtrack

So this begins to make me wonder could have the Kanye West and Taylor Swift incident been plotted by PR reps? Take the poll and let me know what you think.

Original Kanye West and Taylor Swift Moment: