Pre-Sale tickets go on sale today. The Red Sox want us to buy into the fact that they are committed to turning everything around and giving us a decent team for this season.

Terry Francona's book just came out and it paints a picture that doesn't quite match up with what Red Sox ownership is trying to sell us. One thing thats for sure is Sox fans got spoiled. Two World Series titles, playoffs almost every year, and fans coming out of the woodwork in record numbers, but where are all of you now? I know, your all rooting for the Bruins now and i know why - because it's the trendy thing to do.

There were almost NO Bruins fans 3 years ago, cause they STUNK and had not won a title in over 35 years. But now its COOL to cheer on the Bruins. So this is my prediction: If the Bruins start losing and fall back into just being average, and the Sox make the postseason for a couple years in a row, you'll trade in your Bruins shirt for a Red Sox shirt once again.

See ya at Fenway!!!