If you do, you are one of the few. A new study has found that only a quarter of adults eat healthy when they head out to a restaurant. 


According the HuffPost Women, a new study says that 50% of adults say that they eat healthy most of the time, but only 25% maintain that healthy diet when they go out to a restaurant. Many fast food chains are adding more healthy options, which the research group NDA says will likely increase the number of people eating healthy while they are out, and also increase profits for the restaurants.

So why aren't people eating healthy when they go out? According to the study, 37% of people said when they go out they want to eat what they want. 23% said that when they are out they like to indulge.

The 25% of people who are trying to eat healthy when they are out say that they have several tactics. 39% say that they order a salad as a meal, and 38% say they cut out dessert and sweets. See full study results here.