It’s International Happiness Day and I think everyone should celebrate!

So what exactly is International Happiness Day you ask?

It’s a day established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as a way to bring public awareness to the fundamental goal of human happiness.  And essentially bring about more conscious effort by people to pursue their own personal happiness.

So what is your own personal happiness? What makes you happy?

You can join the Day of Happiness movement by sharing with others what it is that makes you happy. The big things, the little things; it doesn't matter. If it makes you happy, enjoy it! Especially today of all days.


For me, I think I'll celebrate by doing some knitting. Weird I know, but I really love knitting. Making my own scarves, hats, sweaters and more feels great and I haven't really had a ton of time to do any knitting lately. So in honor of International Happiness Day, I'm going to make sure I set aside some time to knit...and be happy!

How about you?

Start the sharing and spread the happiness…what is it that makes you happy?