Kanye West is infamously known for being a little rough around the edges with his d-bag like attitude towards the rest of the world so what do you think happened to the audience member who threw their business card on stage during Kanye's concert in Tacoma, Washington, Kanye had him thrown out!

When did going to a concert to enjoy your favorite artist become so serious? In the video you will see an audience member throw his business on stage at the concert of Kanye West and as West picks up the business card asking who's it was you become instantly mind blown with Kanye's request to throw out the audience member but then when no one would confess to who's business card it was, Kanye wanted the whole section of guys thrown out.

Come on Kanye the person was just hoping to get their name out there but Kanye continued to preach to the crowd saying with these cubes 20ft high you can't be throwing things we could slip on. It was just a business card Kanye, I don't think that's something you could slip on and lose your life over. Maybe Kanye West should just simmer his ego down a little bit and let those who are paying an arm and a leg to watch his concert, enjoy the show that he performs.