While Aaron Hernandez awaits his trial, his day is very structured and by the book.

He gets to read, and according to Sheriff Tom Hodgson, he keeps his cell very neat and clean.

According to the Boston Globe, he doesn't have many fans there. One inmate said “He’s a punk,” says one young inmate wearing the tan uniform of the convicted. “He’s a bum,” says another. “I don’t care about him,’’ says a third inmate. “I’m worried about myself.”

The former New England Patriot starts his day at 6am. “He’ll get an egg — one egg, and a portion of grits,’’ said Hodgson. “He’d likely get a small muffin square and a choice between milk or juice. We actually serve Tang now to cut costs. But believe it or not, it actually has a higher nutritional value than orange juice and it’s cheaper.’’

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