I have been a Nike girl my ENTIRE life. Well, I did have that pair of Punky Brewster sneakers in 2nd grade, but aside from that, it's been Nike all the way. For working out or fashion, I have been loyal to the brand.


I started  running in college. By senior year, I would run 5 miles a day and soon learned how important the support for your feet are. When Nike Shox first came out, I never wanted another shoe to touch my foot.  I loved Shox and I probably have owned 20 pair.  They are a lot harder to come by these days, and if you do find them, they are probably the 5-spring Navinas and not the old school 4-springs that I pounded many a mile into.

I needed a new pair of running shoes for the spring so, I started doing some research and decided that I wanted to try something new.  I was torn between Asics and Mizuno. After spending 45 minutes in the sneaker store jogging in place before buying (which I am sure the clerk enjoyed), I selected the Mizunos.   I have to say that they are awesome.  I've used them indoor so far and have racked up 13 miles. No injuries! No discomfort.

So here is my list of suggested brands if you're looking for new sneaks for working out:

  1. Mizuno
  2. Asics
  3. Nike Shox
  4. Nike Air Max
  5. Nike Free

Be sure to try them on. Or do what I do and walk around the store, jog in place and see how your feet feel. They can be expensive, but look at them as an investment.  The wrong shoe could cause an injury or added stress and make your work out a lot harder.