Yes Fast&Furious movie lovers there will be a number 6 movie..I can't believe this movie has had enough of a concept to make 6 movies I mean they are just driving cars right..So for all of you EDM lovers such as myself what does this mean to you, well this means a new movie soundtrack will be released and on the soundtrack will be music by David Guetta, Deadmau5,and Swanky Tunes..Ok now I'm excited!

Looks like David Guetta will be teaming up with Usher again for a track called "Rest of My Life" also featuring Ludacris to be released on "The Fast&The Furious 6" movie soundtrack. Also on the soundtrack Deadmau5 will be featuring Cypress Hill for a track called "Failbait" but what I'm most excited to see is Swanky Tunes partnering up with Hard Rock Sofa for a track called "Here We Go/Quasar"..So I might not go to watch the movie but with this line up of artist I just might have to buy the movie soundtrack..