We talked to the mother of Dartmouth High School senior Ashlyn Conde on the air this morning.  She told us that her daughter had beaten a serious illness this spring, and missed a good chunk of the 4th quarter at DHS.

Ashlyn's mother, Nancy, understands that her daughter needs to complete the 28 credits necessary in order to graduate and receive her diploma, but she is appealing to the principal to allow Ashlyn to "walk the stage" with her classmates during the graduation ceremony.  Nancy Conde says that her request has been denied, and the experience is something that her daughter will never be able to get back.  Her husband has been told that it is the sole decision of school principal, Kerri Lynch...and that Lynch is not budging.  The family seems to be left without options.  They are afraid that without a change of heart by Ms. Lynch, their daughter will be denied the chance to participate in the pomp and circumstance of graduation with her lifelong friends.  Click here to listen to Nancy Conde's call:

When we talked to Ms. Lynch she told us that she was unable to comment on the status of specific students.

Ashlyn is 4 credits shy of the necessary 28 credits, and plans on finishing the required courses this summer in order to receive her diploma...in the mail.