Rob Carr/ Getty Images S[orts[/caption]Apple Pay hasn't been the smashing success the company hoped it would be so far. CVS and Rite Aid have even disabled Apple's latest technology in all their locations.

According to the Boston Globe, CVS and Rite Aid made the move to stop accepting Apple Pay over the weekend, with the reason not being immediately clear.The article suggested the decision to not use Apple's mobile wallet was based on the anticipation of a rival mobile payment system by Merchant Customer Exchange, or MCX.



As opposed to the group of merchants that teamed up with Apple to develop their payment system, CVS and Rite Aid are a part of MCX, which is a separate group of companies teaming up for their own mobile payment system. The rival system hasn't been released yet, but the group is hoping to provide customers with another option to Apple's products.

Apple Pay experienced another set back since it's introduction. CNN reported that some customers are being double charged for every transaction made with Apple Pay.

The biggest problem comes when you try to resolve the issue. Apple can't help, because they don't keep any information on transactions for safety reasons. The article said the main issue came from Bank of America customers, with about 1,000 people being double charged.

CNN's Samuel Burke said he had to get both companies on a three-way phone call before the issue was resolved.

Hopefully Apple can get the wrinkles in their mobile payment system ironed out. We'll also see if competition for Apple Pay will help or hurt the idea of your smart phone replacing a wallet.