The word “cucumber” has been catching my eye lately. I’ve seen it on t.v., read it in magazines; and stories about their benefits have been appearing in my facebook feed for a few weeks. So, thank goodness I’m growing this magical fruit (yes, it’s a fruit and not a veggie) in my little garden. Pretty soon I’ll be hydrated, flushed of toxins, fresh breathed, thinner and my risk of cancer will drop. (Wish I had known about the detoxification benefits in my 20s).

Our friends at Boutique Fitness are following the trend too! This week they posted a great recipe with the super food:

Here’s a good one inspired by VEGA. If you are iffy about cucumber, I suggest peeling it first.

What you'll need:

• 1/2 avocado

• 1/2 cucumber

• 1 scoop of vanilla or natural flavor protein powder

• 1 cup of water

• 1/2 cup frozen mango

• 4 ice cubes

• juice of 1/2 lime

Combine all of these ingredients, and enjoy!

Why love cucumbers:

• Detox with cucumbers. Acting as a gentle diuretic, cucumbers beat bloat, while there fiberous skin ensures that our digestive plumbing hums along smoothly.

• Stay hydrated. Cucumbers are 95% water and are loaded with electrolytes to ensure proper hydration. They really are the perfect summer food.

• Vitamin K. This important nutrient supports bone and brain health. Scientists now believe it to play a major role in preventing alzheimer’s disease.