Ever go to a fabulous wedding and spend the entire next day searching 100+ social media feeds for all of the night’s photos?  Ever spend the whole day downloading from said media feeds, wishing there was an easier way?  More and more couples are enlisting their guests as photographers in an effort to collect all points-of-view from one single night.

Crowd-sourcing your wedding day photos can be pretty handy, especially for folks on a tight budget. Plus- what better way to capture every single moment of your day?  After all, if the photographer is with you, who’s snapping photos of your drunk uncle or crazy aunt?  Here are the four simple steps to crowd-sourcing your wedding photos.

1. Download Instagram if you haven’t already.

2. Create a custom wedding hashtag. Before committing to one, make sure it isn’t already being used.  Something as simple as #PachecoWedding could be pretty popular here in the Southcoast. Snazz it up with something less common like #RingADingDingDay.

3. Decide where you want to store your photos. If it’s easiest for all, make a Facebook page (not profile) dedicated to your wedding.

4. Lastly, create an account on “If This, Then That” (ifttt.com).  Link all of your existing sharing accounts together (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)  Next, create equations (or recipes, if you will) that will create a chain reaction for photos tagged with your custom hashtag.  Photos that are ‘shared’ will automatically be sent to one storage site. See an example of a ‘recipe’ below.

If photos are coming from Instagram, then photos are sent to Dropbox.

Go ahead, enlist your guests to take photos. The more memories, the merrier.