Bob and Mira Graves got married in 1942 after only a few months of dating, they eloped right before Bob went to war.

It was a simple wedding, no flowers, no cake, and no pictures!

Fast forward 72 years, they are still happily married and living at the Antioch Quail Lodge Retirement Home, where they were named the King and Queen at their home's Valentine's Day celebration. One small problem though...they were asked to provide a photo from their wedding, and they couldn't!

The Activities Director at the Retirement Home decided to change that for them, and put together the wedding they never got to have, all for free! Both Bob and Mira say they never once regretted the simple wedding they had 72 years ago, but they graciously accepted the nice offer.

Bob and Mira renewed their vows in Quail Lodge's common area this past Valentine's Day, surrounded by friends and family, including their two sons.

And....they finally got their wedding photo.