The answer to that question is maybe. 

You've got the Bourne Bridge and the Sagamore Bridge, and yet traffic still backs up for miles and miles every summer getting to and from Cape Cod.  Do you think a new bridge might help ease that traffic?  It's very possible...but, at a price.

There's talk of a new bridge being constructed right next to the Sagamore Bridge, and drivers would have to pay a $5 toll to pass over it.  The tolls, as usual, would be used to pay for bridge construction and maintenance.

Also, this new bridge would have an electronic toll system, which would keep the traffic moving and probably cut down on some of the major back-ups.

This new bridge is still in the very early planning stages, and if it even were to get approved, the new bridge would take about six years to complete.


What do you think?  Would you be ok with paying 5 bucks to cut way down on traffic to and from the Cape, or are you sick of paying tolls and plan to just skip the area all together?  Take the poll!