Justin Timberlake is known for being an extremely talented man not only taking on the music world but also the acting industry. During a recent radio interview he not only gave props to Ben Affleck who was just casted to play Batman in the upcoming Batman movie, but Justin also said he'd like to play the Riddler, "I'm Ready!" he says. "Call me" he says, but I wonder, would he be able to pull off playing the villain?

Justin Timberlake says he hasn't shed his love of acting and grew up loving Batman. But wouldn't you know it, the once NSYNC member does not want to play the super hero or the side kick, he wants to play the villain, the Riddler.

Justin says he'd like to play the Riddler because the role is of a sociopath but portrayed as "proper crazy" so if Justin is going to play the crazy role he wants to act as "proper crazy."

I can't say I've ever heard the term "proper crazy" used before but this brings me to think, would the president of pop,Justin Timberlake, be able to pull off the Riddler if given the chance.