A Plymouth police officer had to take a bathroom break while at a Wareham courthouse, but he may have made a big mistake.

The officer left his gun in the bathroom, which no good can possibly come of. Despite quickly remembering he left it there, the gun was already gone when he returned. The courthouse started to search everyone and everywhere, but it did not turn up.

This incident got us thinking about all the other things that you should probably never leave in a bathroom. Not that they are as dangerous as guns, but still these are things that need to be taken care of.

1. Your Wallet


Think of all the things you stand to lose if your wallet lands in the wrong hands? Your credit cards, identification and if you happen to carry your social security card (which is HIGHLY unrecommended) you face having your identity stolen. Good luck with that.If you want to use any of our rewards cards though, feel free. We could use the points.

2. Your Phone

Ricky Romero,flickr

If the thought not having you wallet would drive you crazy, then increase that aggravation by 100 when you lose your phone. It's like your arm is missing. Plus, how will you stay occupied in traffic? Kidding, texting and driving is illegal. Just think of how much Temple Run you could be playing, but instead your stuck reading the paper.

3. A Baby


Do we even need to say it? REMEMBER YOUR BABY! That is all.

4. Signed Memorabilia


Do you have any idea how much that stuff is worth? You don't want that autographed picture of Vanilla Ice ending up with just anyone! Make sure to keep track of your stuff, or pay the price!

5. Empty Roll of Toilet Paper

Daniel Schweinert

This is by far the worst bathroom offense that anyone can do. ALWAYS replace before you leave. The last thing you want is to leave someone hanging when they are in this situation. So if you can't remember anything else, at least remember to replace the TP.