When I first showed my husband all the great baby stuff I snagged at one of our local consignment stores, he scoffed at me. How dare I buy our first child used items?  Then I took him to our local baby box store and showed him the retail price of the exact item I had JUST bought for much less. Take that, you nay sayer. I just saved us $65.

For a year now, I've kept tabs tabs on three of our local consignment stores' Facebook pages, calling dibs each time I saw something I wanted/needed. At one point, I had even tallied up my purchases, all of which were under a year old, and had over $500 in savings. I've been a believer ever since. If you've thought about shopping at one of our many local baby consignment stores, here's a great list of things to start with:

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    They can be so expensive brand new but that's not a good enough reason to not start reading to her at an early age. For just pennies a piece, we've built our selves an awesome book club.

    Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media
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    Activity Gear

    I’ve saved hundreds on these bigger pieces, including a walker, excer-saucer, Bumbo seat, bouncer chair, and a swing. She grew out of them all a few months later but who cares! I saved a ton of money on them so its not a huge deal.

    Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media
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    Clothes/Shoes/Seasonal Items

    Clothes/Shoes/Seasonal:  Baby Gap has some pretty cute stuff but its even cuter when its practically new and a fraction of the retail cost. Same goes for all those cutesy, only-gonna-wear-it-once Halloween costumes, Easter dresses.and Christmas pajamas.

    Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media
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    We must own every single toy Lamaze has ever made and every single one is just as loved as the next. If we could pay for daycare in these development toys, we'd be at daycare everyday until September.

    Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media
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    Specialty Items

    Most consignment stores also carry specialty items like handmade headbands and diaper covers or boutique products like our favorite Wubbanub pacifiers. With all the money I save, I don't mind spending a bit extra on these other pieces because they make things that much cuter and quieter.

    Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media