This is certainly the most horrific tragedy this year. I cannot begin to imagine the horror for the families and people involved in what has transpired in CT.

I don't think the normal mind can absorb what has happened, let alone deal with it. But here we are, just hours after it unfolds, and the gun-control advocates are already making their plea for stricter gun control laws. I have a problem with it for two reasons. First, the timing of it is horrible.

Let a week go by before trying to get your agenda out. Second, How in the world are gun control laws going to stop the type of person that sets out to commit these horrible crimes. It won't. Plain and Simple. These people will get them any way they can regardless of any laws put into place.

There is a law against killing people right? Yet it still happens. Sadly, as of right now, I'm not sure there is a way to end, once and for all, these crazy tragedies that seem to be happening more and more frequently. But for now, lets let these people grieve before trying to push a gun control agenda on everyone.