They say "the grass is always greener on the other side" and I think for most women that is especially true when it comes to hair.

So many women with straight hair seem to go out of their way for curls or waves and those with curly hair spend their time and money trying to make it straighter. It's kinda funny if you think about it.

Now I've always had curly hair, though admittedly I haven't always known what to do with it. From the frizzy years to the plain old ponytail years, it took a very long time to embrace hair products and learn to make my curly hair work for me.

But in all that time, I'm not sure I've ever thought curly hair rocked. Kendra Alvey of thinks it does however and she has given her readers the 12 reasons why curly hair rocks.

Now while I think it's pretty fantastic that Kendra has come to love her curly hair, I gotta say when I first read through her list, I thought not all of her reasons were entirely accurate for all of us with curly hair.

Like her reason #4:

With curly hair, you don't even need sleep or caffeine; you already look alert and quirky.



At first I was like, what?!? leave my house first thing in the morning with bed head? Never! My hair needs water and hair product desperately first thing in the morning!

But on further contemplation, she may be on to something. I mean no matter how tired I feel, I almost never get told I look tired. Perhaps the curls make me appear to the outside world that I'm perkier than I actually am.

Which really isn't all that perky first thing in the morning.




Or how about her reason #10:

On an island vacation, you can let your hair dry naturally and hit the Mai Tai bar early



My first read left me thinking, air dry my hair in the tropics? Do I look like I want a lion's mane on my head?

Then I thought about it some more and realized I always let my hair air dry. Slap some product in there and let the curls do their thing, no dryer necessary. And yes, I think that may in fact rock.

So if you too are living with curly hair, this is a list that may have you looking at yourself in a whole new light.

Things I never really thought about when it came to having and maintaining curly hair were brought to my attention by Kendra and have definitely given me a whole new appreciation for what I have.


I was actually thinking of trying one of those straightening treatments this summer, just to see what it would look like, but now that I've read this list I am totally rethinking that plan.

I think Kendra is very right...curls do rock!