Spanish fashion retailer Zara has apologized for its latest scandal: a child's t-shirt that closely resembles the concentration camp uniforms during the Holocaust.

The garment is white featuring horizontal, blue stripes, with a six-pointed gold star on the chest. The uniforms worn at Jewish concentration camps had vertical light blue stripes with the Star of David on its chest, which is also a six-pointed gold star. The shirt is no longer featured on Zara's website, but to see a picture of it, you can check it out here.

In several tweets, Zara explained its side of the story, stating that the item was "inspired by the sheriff’s stars from the Classic Western films" and apologized. Since the backlash, the company removed the shirt from sale.

This isn't the first time Zara has been accused of anti-semitism. According to BBC News, back in 2007, Zara sold a purse which featured a swastika symbol. In the company's defense, it said the bag had come from an external supplier where the symbol was not initially visible.

Furthermore, in recent weeks, Zara has been accused of racism for its "White Is The New Black" t-shirts.

Was this truly a fashion faux-pas or a sneaky tactic? Are too many people holding on to the past in this situation or has Zara made far too many mistakes and must be made accountable for them?