The other day while I was on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, the outside temperature topped-out at 111 degrees.   But as I walked into a Costco store, not only was the AC blasting, but Christmas displays were already set up.  I admit we only have a little more than four-and-a-half months 'til the holiday, but isn't this just a bit too soon?

I'd suggest at least getting Labor Day out of the way first.   Maybe with the extreme heat in Arizona at this time of year and the forecast calling for triple digit highs for the next several weeks, it was a subliminal way of keeping cool.

But for some of us, such a blatant reminder of Christmas shopping in mid August takes what special feelings still surround the holiday season.   Maybe retailer could agree on an unwritten rule that nothing about Christmas appears on store shelves before labor day.  That time frame is still too early for my liking, but it's a step in the right direction.  meantime, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and oh yes, Merry Christmas.   I'll save the "Happy New Year" wish for next week.