On the Rock and Fox Show this morning, we announced that I will be leaving the show next month.

This decision wasn’t easy for me and I was back and forth about it for several months but ultimately, it’s the best thing for my family and for me.

My boys are at an age where we are go go go, ALL the time and my husband and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, lol. The hours I keep in order to be able to contribute to our morning radio show have become extremely difficult for me.

Not only does each of us wake up by 3:30am each weekday, we have many hours during the day we spend preparing for the next mornings show or the week coming up.   This all happens daily for me along with running my business in Plymouth. There’s a lot of chaos in our lives right now and it’s taken its toll. So I’ve figured out in these past 2 years, I’m not the superwoman I thought I could be and do it all and also have enough quality time to raise and be present for my boys.

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Michael and I have been friends for a really long time and when we were able to put a morning show together for Fun107 two years ago, I was really excited about it, we both were. I have had so much FUN these past couple of years with Michael and Gazelle, truly. We laugh when the microphones are on and when they are off. We have such a good time. Michael said it this morning and it’s true; it’s like we kind of do this show to entertain each other and the audience is along for the ride and just become a part of our show each morning.


I feel proud to have been a part of something really great here at Fun 107.   Because I’ve worked with this radio station off and on for so many years now (20 something) I consider it my radio home, for sure 😊

I want to wish Abby, the shows newest addition, the BEST! She doesn’t need luck, she’ll just need to be herself and as our audience gets to know her, they will love her as much as we do! Knock em’ dead girl!!!