Lots of celebrities throw out the ceremonial first pitch at LA Dodgers games, but this is the first one I've heard of admitting to being drunk while doing it.

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen was on hand to throw out the pitch last night, but before the game was apparently celebrating her father's birthday with some margaritas.

And followed it shortly after with this tweet

That doesn't mean her pitch was a drunken mess. In fact she threw better than plenty of sober people have (I'm looking at you Carly Rae Jepsen).

To me the funniest part of this is how she tried to stage a big moment after things went well...

it's almost like he cares me about the game RT @Dodgers: Pitcher-catcher conference: @chrissyteigen and @drewbuterahttps://t.co/XvMzij5aUl

But catcher Drew Butera appears to want nothing to do with it once they hit the field. Perhaps he was worried about what his wife or her husband might think of the scene. Luckily her friend did not have the same concern.