After Chris Brown got out of jail on Monday August 5th, which he did on his own terms for the hit and run case that he's been in and out of courts recently battling, he took to twitter to declare his want to quit music.

Don't worry mainstream America.After this X album, it'll probably be my last album.

- @chrisbrown (twitter)

Let's be honest here, his recent work hasn't been that great so can we really see this as a loss in music.Read more and see his tweets here.

Chris Brown says he may be done with music and that its not pure for him anymore. He feels as though his music is not recognized but instead his mistakes are and giving him unwanted negative fame which has him dissatisfied and wanting to be done with music. He took to twitter to express his feelings but in my honest opinion the only talent Chris Brown has these days is being an amazing dancer.

His music is very main stream and he lip sings through every performance so I don't see him quitting music to be any kind of a loss to the music world. Sorry Breezy!..