Last week as I was leaving the grocery store, I saw a young guy open the  car door to let his girl in. As I'm pulling a superwomen stunt by carrying all 8 of my bags into my car by myself it got me thinking - maybe chivalry isn't dead?

In my entire "dating history" I've only had ONE guy hold open doors for me and pull out my chair so as I watched the guy open the car door for his girl I stared with envy.

Every girl dreams about having "that guy" who opens doors for her, pulls out her chair, and even gives her just because gifts and spends everyday telling her how beautiful she is(even without make up on)as being "her guy".

But as I put myself back into the "dating scene" after being left heart broken by a guy I truly adored and after hearing some of the A.D.D stories,or "another disaster date story" as "Sex And The City" calls them, from my girlfriends. I'm beginning to wonder if "that guy" even exists anymore and if he does how long will it be before "that guy" starts getting comfortable in the relationship and the acts of chivalry start to fade away.

So what do you all think out there - is chivalry alive or dead?