7 Year old Nadia's mom said her daughter was very excited to see Beauty and The Beast at the Providence Performing Arts Center over the weekend, and she certainly was. But, Nadia has a chromosome abnormality.  She is non-verbal, so when she is happy she expresses herself by squealing and clapping.

Samantha Torres, who is Nadia's mother, said  "No sympathy whatsoever, they made me feel this was our fault, that we were being asked to leave because we were being terribly loud and Nadia was communicating just like the other children at the event that they were excited to be there."

But that manager at PPAC disagrees "We want everybody to enjoy their experience here at PPAC, so unfortunately we are very sorry but our policy is to make sure everyone is comfortable in the theatre."

Torres said she as given a refund, but is not happy about the situation.