It sounds like a joke, but KFC is completely serious. So would you wear one?

With prom season around the corner, Kentucky Fried Chicken has a very new twist on an old classic. The wrist corsage...made with chicken.

Yep, a fried chicken corsage. For real.

KFC made a promotional video for the idea that shows what a typical reaction to this chicken corsage just might be. And after you watch the video there's a link to buy yourself a chicken corsage in case you really want one.

So if your thinking of mixing it up this year at prom, guys may want to grab their dates one of these limited edition chicken corsages. KFC's only making 100 of them so don't delay!

And in case mailing chicken sounds gross, don't worry. When you order your corsage you'll get a chicken holder with fresh or silk baby's breath along with a gift certificate for the chicken so you can customize your corsage with original recipe, extra crispy or grilled chicken. As the site says

whichever best matches her dress"


See how to order one here