Are you looking for another way to put your slightly used cell phone to good use? Rainforest Connection will gladly accept your donation to help save the rainforests from loggers.

According to National Geographic, "during the past 40 years, close to 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down—more than in all the previous 450 years since European colonization began."

In order to help save the ecosystem of the rainforest, Rainforest Connection "installs donated smartphones into solar-powered modules to repurpose them as discreet listening devices," states Outside.

In fact, detection of chainsaw noise used by illegal loggers can be picked out "within two-thirds of a mile" of forest, then the "location data is sent to the cloud," reports Outside. At which time, the authorities are notified and reinforcements sent to stop the logging.

Visit Rainforest Connection to see how your cell phone can "become a tireless forest guardian!"