My wife once told me that family matters were off-limits when it comes to the Fun Morning Show.   But, I have to sneak this one in.   Her sister is a wonderful person.   A kind woman who do anything to help anyone.   There's just one thing.   She can not stay of her cell phone or avoid contact with my wife for more that a few minutes.  

The calls come before dinner, during dinner, after dinner, and through the night.   I've jokingly said to my wife, "if you sneeze, your sister calls to say God Bless You".  I can not remember the last time we had a conversation at dinner, or in the car, that was not interrupted by "the call".  It goes back to an earlier post from Scott, and America's cell phone obsession.

I've heard my wife say "we're eating right now...", but the conversation continues.   When I tell her not to answer, she says "but it may be important".   Is there a solution to this phone-a-mania?  Or is going to remain the third wheel in this marriage?