Weird News

Creepy Infrared Satellite Image of Hurricane Matthew [PHOTO]
Hurricane Matthew is scary. Not only because of 140 mph winds, damaging floods, and dangerous seas. But also because of the infrared satellite image that NASA captured of the storm a few hours ago.
Good Morning America posted this image on their Facebook page today and I have to say, it's more t…
Who is Shirley? [PHOTO]
It's a theft with a happy ending! A woman named Shirley stole hydrangeas from Lauren Houle's yard so she could paint them for a class. She returned the flowers, but in the form of a beautiful painting. Lauren wants to find Shirley. Clearly she's happy with the transformation:
Shirley, …
Cleavage Contest at King Richard’s Faire
King Richard's Faire is a beloved tradition by many subjects in our area. However, there are a few events that are shaking things up on Facebook. One in particular, the "Cleavage Contest." At 4 pm on Saturday, 9/10/16 (Rain Date 9/11/16), fair maidens will line up an…

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