SnapChat Face Swaps Gone Wrong [PHOTOS]
It's not every day that you get to swap faces with people... Especially big time names such as Pink, Madonna or even Bruno Mars! Well, That's exactly what I did and it's simply just creepy.
How Do I Get On The Massachusetts Do Not Call List?
If you are tired of getting annoying phone calls at inopportune times, here is the solution.  Massachusetts has set up a couple of ways to reduce the number of telemarketing calls.  Because of exemptions for political, charity and telephone surveys, this will not eliminate all calls receiv…
Southcoast FB Stick Figure Story
Have you done this yet?  They're called personal Facebook Stick Figures and they are everywhere today!
Some are funny, others are the opposite of funny, lol.  We don't know how they accurately describe you, without even knowing you...

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