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May 21st Is ‘Red Nose Day’
You may have seen your favorite celebrities and athletes on social media flaunting a new accessory: a red clown nose!  Today May 21st is Red Nose Day, a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty in the United States and other impoverished communiti…
Princess Charlotte Will Be Stunning
British Express has released an image of what Princess Charlotte will look like when she is all grown up. And let me tell you, she'll be beating boys off with a stick.
The young princess is only a couple weeks old, and is already a beautiful sight to behold...
Who Let the Air, Let the Air Out of the Ball?
Carl Stevens is an award-winning general assignment reporter. He's also the writer behind this poem about the DeflateGate scandal with the New England Patriots.
I know about hunger, I know about crime,
I know bad things happen about all the time...
Crayon Colored Eyebrows [VIDEO]
Admit it - we all pencil in our eyebrows. Even if it's just filling in a small area on one to make them both seem symmetrical. Weel, instead of trying to appear natural, these ladies and gents are coloring their eyebrows CRAZY colors!
We're talking magenta, neon blue, gold and lime green...

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