What is Going On with All This Pollen
So I noticed my car was covered in pollen about a week ago, and I rinsed it down with a hose thinking it got that color because all the pollen was building up over the course of a few weeks... So I washed it, and LITERALLY the next day it was covered again, so this time I went HARD on my car wa…
This Annual Motorcycle Ride Took On a New Purpose Today
New Bedford - MA
The annual motorcycle ride Rev for Trev is always riding for a worthy cause, usually honoring Trevor Alves who passed away at 20 years old in a motorcycle accident in 2010, as well as his cousin Jordan Alves who passed away in a car accident a few years later...
New Bedford Police Investigating Reported Stabbing
NEW BEDFORD — New Bedford Police are investigating an alleged stabbing that took place in the city Thursday night.
Police say a male arrived at St. Luke's Hospital after 11 p.m. Thursday, with injuries consistent with stab wounds. Investigation by police indicated that the man was injured …

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